Infectious disease care

Design thinking for crisis response

The COVID-19 crisis calls for creativity, collaboration and speed in controlling the spread of  pathogens. There is an urgent need for increased capacity in the U.S. healthcare system. Meeting this need will require deep expertise in the design of infectious disease care environments and inventive new ways of using existing resources.

LEO A DALY offers a unique combination of skills and capacity in this fight. Over the last 15 years, our biocontainment experts have worked with health systems and the CDC to establish the standard of design for infectious disease care environments. Our specialized healthcare design teams combine planning, architecture, engineering, interior design and program management to tackle complex challenges at every scale. And our diverse range of adaptive reuse experts is experienced in evaluating, advising and implementing transformations in a broad range of facility types.

returning to campus COVID-19 whitepaper cover horizontal

White paper: Returning to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic

How can higher-education institutions apply and augment the published guidelines to meet their specific challenges? ...
Repurposing Residence Halls as Alternate Care Facilities

Repurposing residence halls as Alternate Care Facilities (ACFs)

As hospitals face COVID-19-related bed shortages, university residence halls may hold the key to expanding access. Read our tips for repurposing dorms as Alternate Care Facilities (ACFs) ...
LEO A DALY rapidly repurposes hotels for COVID-19 response

LEO A DALY rapidly repurposes hotels for COVID-19 response

Hotel2Hospital concept would relieve hospital bed shortages and help hoteliers weather an economic storm ...

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