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Reimagining hotels in new world order

Director of Design Ryan D. Martin shared insight on hospitality design in the COVID-19 era with Luxury Daily

snow canyon resort concept lobby

The following is excerpted from Luxury Daily.

Design will be key if hotels and resorts have to win the trust of travelers in an era dominated by health fears and economic concerns triggered by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Architecture firm LEO A DALY convened a group of planners, engineers, architects and interior designers to imagine how consumers inhabit these spaces to examine how germs spread to come up with designs that fight back.

“A guest’s perception of cleanliness and safety is tied to architectural elements that emphasize space, order and form,” said Ryan Martin, Fitwel ambassador and vice president and director of design for hospitality at LEO A DALY. “COVID-19 will push us toward greater transparency, open spaces, natural light and crisp lines,” he said. “But that’s just the beginning. Designers will need to emphasize the visual perception of cleanliness in combination with actual comfort and cleanability.”

Martin continued, “Material selection will matter a great deal, leading to new interpretations of classical materials, synthetic alternatives and finding subtle ways to integrate new technological appointments. The increased role of technology in guest check-in will have ripple effects on how we design lobby spaces as well. We may see check-in desks transitioning to something more like a waypoint, as guests may prefer to check in virtually or in their suite.”

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