University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletic Facilities Master Plan

Lincoln, Nebraska

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) awarded LEO A DALY a multi-faceted planning study for UNL athletics. The study had two primary components. The first component was a master plan of all UNL athletics facilities. The second component was a program statement for expansion of the Devaney Sports Center.

  1. Master Plan

The master plan included an assessment of existing facilities, totaling 17 facilities and roughly 1 million GSF, and a recommended plan of renovation or expansion for each facility “owned/operated” by the university’s athletic department. These facilities included:

  • The Devaney Sports Center
  • Memorial Stadium
  • North Stadium/Osborne Complex
  • Track and Field
  • Nebraska Coliseum
  • East Campus Union (Bowling Team)
  • Baseball/Softball Complex

The master plan encompassed all A/E disciplines and building systems for 23 men’s/women’s NCAA Division I sports programs. It also audited energy use at each facility and recommended solutions for retrofitting existing conditions to enhance energy conservation.

We delivered master plan documents for phased/prioritized renovations or expansions of campus athletic facilities and an estimate of probable costs per facility.

Our executive summary included concept graphs and summary recommendations for each facility and/or sports program.

  1. Program Statement for Expansion of Devaney Sports Center

The program statement met all state and university requirements. It also served as the first phase of the overall master plan.

We developed the Devaney expansion specifically to integrate and support the existing sports-center complex, while also anticipating future master planned phases of renovations. Our final Devaney expansion program statement addressed the following spaces inside the facility:


  • Dedicated practice facilities for men’s and women’s basketball teams
  • Locker rooms, team meeting spaces and coaches’ offices for basketball teams
  • Wrestling gym sized for three practice mats
  • Wrestling locker room and coaches’ offices
  • New strength training center
  • New athletic medicine center
  • New public concourse and amenities


University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

At a glance

Master plan and assessment of 1 million GSF encompassing

All A-E disciplines and building systems for 23 men’s/women’s NCAA Division 1 programs


Reduced energy footprint

Phased and prioritized renovations and expansions for 17 facilities


Master planning

Construction estimates