Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Airport Security Deployment Program

Nationwide, USA
One of three firms selected for a post 9/11 IDIQ contract with the Boeing Company, we helped plan and deploy Explosive Detection Systems and Explosive Trace Detection machines to meet a federally mandated deadline of December 31st, 2002. the contract involved design and program management oversight of checked baggage screening for 447 commercial airports. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve consensus on acceptable TSA checkpoint design
solutions was critical to the contract. TSA equipment included whole-body imagers, advanced technology baggage screening, bottle liquid scanners, and automated credential recognition.

The TSA Checkpoint Design Guide (CDG) incorporates new and emerging technology adopted in the field, installation criteria and operational procedures. Throughout the duration of the contract, we were tasked with updating and maintaining the CDG on behalf of TSA.

We also worked with the TSA’s Transportation Security Integration Facility to reconfigure laboratory facilities as they tested next generation solutions, receiving as many as 20 concurrent, active assignments during the course of the program.


Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

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$1,700, 000,000 contract to rapidly deploy security improvements in 447 airports following 9/11


TSA checkpoint design

Program management

New and emerging technology

Updating TSA Checkpoint Design Guide (CDG)

Laboratory design


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