Western Distribution Center

Fontana , California

Target’s distribution center supports its retail store expansion on the West Coast. A phased, L-shaped design accommodated future expansion without disrupting operations. Phase 1 included a 642,000-SF warehouse and 30,000-SF office. The site is near fault lines and a high wind corridor, so structural systems to seismic zone four specifications were implemented that allow infrastructure and AS/RS to move, while protecting merchandise during an earthquake. The building was also designed with sufficient lateral protection to support high winds. A series of exiting tunnels were incorporated into the design as a safety measure for employee egress. This facility was later expanded to a total of 1.4 million-SF. LEO A DALY was also commissioned to design distribution centers in Arkansas, Colorado, and Minnesota.


Target Corporation

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1.4 million SF


Specialized Seismic Structural Design


Architectural Design

Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Structural