Sofitel Makkah

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Built to accommodate the ever-increasing influx of visitors to Makkah (or Mecca), the Sofitel Makkah is one of six new properties overlooking the Grand Mosque, Masjid al-Harem, located in the center of Makkah. The Sofital Makkah is designed to be a traveler’s oasis, consisting of white marble floors and rich tones that create a luxurious intermingling of French and Arabic cultures. The lobby space is defined by crystal chandeliers, white lacquered Arabic screens and a uniquely carved focal stair. The grand-scale hotel lobby accommodates seating areas, a coffee lounge and additional amenities for a large number of travelers at any one time.

Large, 700-seat dining spaces accommodate hotel guests in a sophisticated, contemporary style around Muslim prayer schedules. Designers carved private dining rooms and intimate spaces out of the dining areas to create a sense of privacy and intimacy with physical or visual separation from other groups.

Central to the design is the ability of each guest room to face the Mosque of al-Haram, with special care taken to prevent the foot of the bed and bathrooms from facing the Mosque. Connecting rooms, as well as double and twin bed layouts, provide maximum efficiency for families and social groups traveling together.


Equinox Hospitality Group, LLC

At a glance

814 guestrooms

Three 22-story towers

700-capacity restaurant seating


Culturally sensitive design


Interior design