Grady-Correll Cardiac Center

Atlanta, Georgia

The 21,000-SF renovation of this multi-faceted healthcare facility included the cardiac catheterization lab, renovation and relocation of the stress lab, and the relocation of the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) office to the third floor of the existing hospital. The second floor administrative support areas and clinical space were renovated to accommodate five physician offices and a procedural waiting room with the existing corridor receiving cosmetic renovation.

The cardiac catheterization lab had the existing support area renovated to accommodate eight patient holding areas for pre- and post- procedure care. Renovation also included patient restroom, dressing room, staff station, clean utility, solid utility, medical prep, supply storage, staff lockers and showers, lab coordinator office, staff break room, viewing room, and medical technology alcove. A control room and two catheterization labs received cosmetic renovation; one renovated to accommodate dual purpose catheterization and electrophysiology equipment. One cardiac catheterization lab features a wall displaying donors in the elevator vestibule. New storage rooms were provided for the catheterization and electrophysiology lab.

The stress lab included renovation of the existing DFCS office to accommodate a holding area, staff station, supply area, two treadmill stations, soiled utility, patient restroom, two dressing rooms, and two stretcher stations for pharmaceutical stress testing. The existing corridor received cosmetic renovation, with double doors relocated to the east end of the corridor to better define the cardiac department boundary.


Grady Health System

At a glance

21,000 SF


Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Eight patient holding areas

Patient restroom

Dressing room

Staff station

Supply, storage, and utility rooms

Staff lockers and showers

Lab accommodates dual purpose catheterization and electrophysiology equipment

Stress Lab Renovation/Relocation

Holding area

Dressing rooms

Treadmill stations

Two stretcher stations


Architectural design

Engineering: mechanical, electrical, plumbing

Fire protection