DoubleTree Newark Airport Hotel

Newark, New Jersey

The transformation of the first floor of the DoubleTree Newark Airport Hotel changed the entire entry experience and touched the lobby, meetings rooms, atrium, restaurant, bar, grab-n-go and fitness center.

Inspired by the property’s proximity to the Newark Airport and the travel experience, LEO A DALY’s design reflects a tailored, nostalgic theme with a classic business traveler in mind. The design features a feel of 1950s menswear and suit fabrics throughout the public spaces, with strong plaids and deep colors.

Designers also updated the floor plan, bringing the bar out of an enclosed area and into the open to generate more activity, and in hand, more revenue. Dark wood cabanas create an intimate escape from the expansive atrium’s hustle and bustle. Like the privacy of an airport club, these spaces give guests a place to get away for a cocktail and conversation. Flowing drapery and soft furniture soften the sounds that once echoed throughout a large atrium.


Fortress Investment Group LLC

At a glance

320-key hotel

Renovation of public spaces, including atrium, fitness center, restaurant, bar and lobby


Design inspired by the proximity to Newark Airport and the classic business traveler


Interior design