Donaldson Army Aviation Support Facility

Greenville, South Carolina

The 115,000 SF aviation support facility includes four CH-64 hangar bays at 32,226 SF for helicopter maintenance, a 20,020 SF operations AMU facility, a 24,648 SF unheated helicopter storage hangar for another three CH-64 bays, a 10,000 SF shop area, 3,300 SF of ground support equipment storage, and other support facilities. The facility includes adequate provision of administrative, supply, classroom, medical, locker, and physical fitness areas totaling nearly 60,000 SF. Classrooms consist of lecture, testing, and assembly halls, instructor offices, learning center and library.

The site is over 27 acres but is severely constrained by the obstacle-free area of the adjacent runway, the security stand-off distances and a more than 30 foot grade differential across the property. These constraints presented a significant challenge for the master planning of the project that included the current program plus a future 40% expansion. All National Guard projects are designed to meet a minimum requirement of LEED Silver Certification.


South Carolina Army National Guard

At a glance

115,000 SF

LEED Silver


Maintenance hangars

Unheated helicopter storage

Flammable storage building

Unheated equipment storage


Fuel storage and dispensing system



Engineering: civil, structural, mechanical & electrical

Interior design

Construction documents

Construction administration