Boulder Marriott

Boulder, Colorado

The Boulder Marriott’s captivating surroundings inspired the revitalized design of the hotel’s reception and lounge areas. The flatiron mountains can be seen from the hotel and have a rich history of bringing gold seekers and silver miners from around the world. The owner wanted to keep the hotel’s historic character intact but with a more sophisticated atmosphere to entice guests to gather and socialize.

LEO A DALY designers created a refined reception and lounge area with an understated casual atmosphere. The reception’s simple design of dark woods and neutral tones allows for the artwork to be the main focus of the area. Upon entering the hotel lobby, guests are greeted at the reception desk, featuring art inspired by nature in the region. A piece of light gray reclaimed wood features a large buffalo as the subject, with a knot in the wood serving as the buffalo’s eye.

Throughout the lounge, guests can sit back and relax on “found” pieces of furniture that are made of aged leather that will continue to wear to show the furniture’s history. The bar has an easygoing atmosphere featuring simple reclaimed wood and finishes of authentic flatiron details. The lounge’s fireplace entices guests to sit and unwind around a warm fire after an active day. A plush banquet sits under a wall made of repurposed belts, and the cocktail cubby’s stone backing elements play up the area’s rural history.



At a glance

Renewed reception and lounge areas

Historic design elements blended with modern sophistication


9,060 SF of public space

Mix of dark wood and light gray reclaimed wood

Aged leather and authentic flat iron finishes

Stone backings


Interior design