Al Ain Fertility Clinic

Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

A fertility center was established by the Police Medical Service of Abu Dhabi to serve as the premier location for fertility services to the members of the local and national Emirate of Abu Dhabi Police organization, the National Guard, members of their immediate families, and the general public. The design employs an iconic butterfly shape that utilizes curves and softened edges in both the interior and exterior design as a response to the delicate and specialized services of this facility.

A fully-glazed, three-story atrium is located within the main public entrance including a dual staircase serving as the focal point. Ornate architectural finishes within the lobby include glass, marble, natural veneers, mica and granite with stainless steel details. The two curved living vegetative walls reinforce the uplifting theme and add visual interest and texture to the space. The ground level of the facility includes the main entrance, VIP lobby, VIP elevators, waiting areas, outpatient facilities, laboratory, pharmacy, support spaces and public elevators. The procedure area contains laboratories and patient recovery rooms, populated below by the main entry, lobby and circulation spaces. The VIP areas have been treated with the greatest of care to ensure that privacy is maintained for these individuals and their families.


United Arab Emirates

At a glance

73,600 SF (6,840 SM)



Surface parking


Living vegetative walls

VIP areas, lobby and elevators

Three-story atrium

Ornate finishes throughout public areas


Architectural design

Interior design

Medical planning

Medical equipment planning

Life safety

Project management