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Women’s History Month: Lauren Funk embraces being a young designer

Lauren Funk embraces being a young designer, channeling her passion, excitement and confidence to show clients that her ideas are well worth listening to. Get to know her during Women’s History Month.

Lauren FunkQ:   Discuss some of the challenges you have experienced as a woman in your field, and how you have overcome them.

A:   I think that the challenges I have faced have been less about being female and more about being young. I have so much passion and excitement for what I do, but it can be very intimidating to present a project and be the youngest person the room. However, relying on my knowledge of the process that we took as a team to come up with a design, and portraying all of the confidence that I have in myself and my ideas, is the best way that I know to reassure the audience that what I am presenting has merit.

Q:   What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A:   To really think about where I want to go. To find my own WHY.

Q:   What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on and why?

A:   So far it is the project that I am currently on, a workplace project with a quick timeline. Quick decisions need to be made that represent the organization as a brand. I have had to think on my toes, take criticism and turn it into fuel for coming up with bigger and better ideas.

Q:   Who/what sources do you look to for drive and inspiration?

A:   Instagram. Yes, a very millennial thing to say. However, every day I see inspiring designs from a variety of platforms, and that is a constant reminder that there are so many possibilities out there.

Q:   What inspired you to go into your line of work?

A:   I decided I wanted to be an interior designer in middle school, and I found so much more in the career than I ever thought possible. Not only does this career provide the opportunity to be creative and flex your design skills, but it also requires critical thinking and a thorough understanding of code and human behavior. It is the perfect blend of right and left brain thinking that provides constant challenges and room for personal growth.

Q:   What words of advice do you have for passionate young women early in their career?

A:   Do not be afraid to speak up. If you are passionate, have done your research and are excited about your ideas, people will listen and you will find more opportunities to learn.