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Spaces to call home.

Home shapes who we are in the deepest way. It speaks to our identities, our hopes and dreams and our deep needs for safety, freedom and comfort. That’s why it’s important to design residential spaces that honor the importance of home and create a sense of place achieved through design excellence and masterful planning. We approach issues such as architectural detail, functionality, amenity, views and accessibility with an expert touch. Through innovative thinking, future-focused adaptability and a collaborative design, we create welcoming spaces to call home.


Video: How does the AIA Framework for Design Excellence impact our work?

LEO A DALY's global design principal and chief sustainability officer discuss the role of AIA's framework in our evolving design practice ...
Chia-Lung Chang

Chia-Lung Chang joins LEO A DALY as Director of Planning and Urban Design

The architect and planner brings 20 years of experience to lead our global planning practice ...
White paper: Raising indoor humidity to reduce the spread of pathogens

White paper: Raising indoor humidity to reduce the spread of pathogens

Buildings with higher humidity can inhibit transmission of ailments such as flu and COVID-19. In this whitepaper, we explore design solutions for raising relative humidity in buildings ...

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