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COVID-19 has put new stresses on the global supply chain. Creativity and speed are needed to meet the facility needs brought on by skyrocketing e-commerce demand, emergency infection control measures and shifting manufacturing needs. Planners and engineers will need to work quickly with owners, contractors and government organizations across the nation to retrofit and expand logistics capabilities.

For over 100 years, LEO A DALY has applied design thinking to solve the toughest challenges of our clients. Today, that means leveraging an international team of experts across design disciplines to keep logistics networks healthy.

rapid warehouse expansion prototype

Rapid warehouse expansion prototype helps suppliers cope with COVID

Unprecedented e-commerce demand, shifts in product mix and worker health concerns are driving the need for modification and expansion projects ...
Modular entry for warehouse worker safety

Industrial safety study: employee health during and after a pandemic

These facility modifications can help protect warehouse workers and keep supply chains running ...
LEO A DALY Designers Meeting

The impact of QA/QC on project timelines

For architects and engineers, inspiration fuels the drive into schematic design and beyond. Faced with problems to solve, talented designers gallop toward innovative solutions. Nevertheless, a rigorous quality assurance/quality control ...

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