LEO A DALY Honolulu rehabs Kapiolani Park tables for Earth Day


LEO A DALY Honolulu employees, their families and friends contributed more than 100 volunteer hours over two days to refurbish 42 picnic tables at Kapiolani Park in celebration of Earth Day 2016.

undefinedOn the first day, April 17th, the prep team routed, sanded and applied primer to 2x8 foot boards that would be used to replace rotten wood.  Rainy conditions forced the team to improvise, crafting a makeshift tent and work stations out of a tarp, trash cans, and scrap lumber. Park handrails were repurposed as saw horses.  The City’s maintenance crews then installed the new boards on the tables most in need of repair.


On the second day, May 3rd, a larger team went out with rollers and paintbrushes and repainted more than half the 74 total picnic tables in the park.

“Kapiolani Park is a recreational jewel that we all enjoy regularly, and we know the Parks Department is under resourced. It was fun to find a way for our firm to pitch in,” said Ed Pskowski, Managing Principal for LEO A DALY Honolulu.


“I was so proud of our group as we marched along the lawn of Kapiolani Park with paint, rollers and paint brushes in hand and transformed well-worn tables and benches into inviting sit downs for picnics.  We received cheers from park users as they, too, appreciated our labor of love,” said Joanne Miyagawa, Marketing Coordinator.

Local building supply company Honsador donated lumber, and Kapiolani Park Preservation Society contributed toward the cost of materials and equipment. 

The Honolulu office’s efforts were part of LEO A DALY’s annual Earth Day volunteering effort, which this year enlisted 333 employees and family members across 14 offices.